Wine lovers know the only thing better than a great glass of wine is a great glass of wine with amazing food.  The Vino Market gourmet counter offers a delicious selection of fresh meats and  cheeses to compliment any great bottle of wine or beer.  Our Salmon and Ribeye are fan favorites and some have suggested that you can cut our tenderloin with fork.

We are very particular about food ourselves. That's why we demand very high quality meat and seafood here at The Vino Market.  All natural Angus beef without steroids or antibiotics are not only healthier, they taste better too.  We always carry ribeye and tenderloin steaks that we cut to your order.  These are the best steaks you'll ever taste!  Trust us on this one. 

Also, we carry fresh wild caught seafood that we have delivered fresh everyday.  Locals know it and we sell out fast.  Stop by to see for yourself why we guarantee every piece of fish we sell. 

Whether you crave a rich earthy aged cheese or a ball of fresh Mozzarella, the Vino Market cheese counter has you covered. Staples like Parmigiano-Reggiano, Gruyere, or sharp Canadian Cheddar are always in stock.  If you prefer to live on the wild side, let us pick a soft ripened European cheese with a bit of a “nose” to it.  Either way, if you crave great cheeses, we have got what you need

Additionally, we offer fresh Boars Head deli meats as well as Prosciutto de Parma, Jamon Serrano, and Spanish chorizo. If truffle pate is your thing, we've got you covered. We say that if we don't have it, you don't need it!

Ask us about party platters too.